Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Kansas City Legacy Ruckus Tonight!!!

An interesting line-up this evening for a debate about all things Kansas City related to past, present and future on the GOLD STANDARD of political conversation.


"Mike Shanin interviews Kansas House Minority Leader Jim Ward about some of the key issues in the Kansas legislature. Lisa Johnston, Mike Sanders, Patrick Tuohey and Steve Rose discuss the efforts to rename the J.C. Nichols Fountain because of Nichols' racially restrictive neighborhood development, Kobach's efforts to collect voter records and information and the KC Star's endorsement of a new KCI."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Geezer weekly. I like the show sometimes. Tonight was not one of its best.

Anonymous said...

I think the topics left something to be desired. The fountain topic isn't very exciting and how many times do we get to hear about voter fraud and KCI.

All these panelists are generally very good. But I think the topics put a damper on the potential for excitement – especially leading off with the fountain.

Anonymous said...

The topics were unusually uninteresting. Thought Lisa J was far and away the least interesting. Overall, very solid show.

Anonymous said...

Disagree 10:46 – I think Sanders and Rose have a tendency to drone on and get too much in the weeds (although I still appreciate many of their observations). I enjoy Johnston and Tuohey more as they are more succinct and less verbose.

Anonymous said...

You shitting me? what show were you watching? LJ is a train wreck. And what was up with the self promoting string of BS about becoming an independent? Sister, get over yourself. RUCKUS can do better!

Anonymous said...

Shainin is all class, the king tomato.

I'd hoist a pint with him at the Gaslight Grill any old time.

Anonymous said...


Newsmaker Segment?
Someone called in a favor to give this Democrat from Wichita some free publicity. Who could it be? Likely anyone in management at KCPT.

Dr. Lisa Johnston (D)
Steve Rose (D) masquerading as a (R)
Mike Sanders (D) who vanished in the night to avoid the FBI
Patrick Tuohey (L)

Can everyone agree that Steve Kraske is a politically liberal idiot? Thank you! It's unanimous. And thank you Patrick Tuohey for redirecting the discussion to today's discriminatory economic policies being carried out by Mayor James and the City.

KRIS KOBACH (the next Governor of KS)
Tuohey scores again with "political posturing" synopsis. Johnston rejects Flat Earth Society claims, so what about global warming? Rose toes the Democrat line, while still claiming to be a Republican.

Johnston exhibits commonsense for the majority of fliers. Sanders is eager to impress non-residents. Tuohey scores the trifecta with economic reality, while Rose is the guy who wrote a column extolling the need for a new billion dollar terminal because he once couldn't buy a sandwich late at night while picking up an arriving passenger.

Shanin scores the best ROAST with a Pelosi barbecue. Do you want flies with that?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Although I don't fully understand Punctuation Guy's endgame, I find that I absolutely can not turn away from his poasts.