Sunday, July 23, 2017

Show-Me Insider Missouri Special Session

More debate on a horrific practice and healthcare reported in this local public TV missive. Take a look:

Missouri's Abortion Debate And The Special Session

The Missouri Senate is scheduled to debate a bill this week that would add new regulations for clinics providing abortions. Its supporters, including Gov. Eric Greitens, say these will protect the health and safety of Missouri women, but abortion rights advocates say the legislation is designed to deny access to safe and legal abortion.


Anonymous said...

Abortion is murder.

Planned Parenthood eliminates more Black Lives every MONTH than the KKK has in its ENTIRE existence.

Anonymous said...

What is to debate? The supreme court has already said that if a woman gets drunk, acts like an irresponsible hoe, gets laid and gets knocked up and refused to take birth control or any responsible precautions whatsoever, she has every right to murder her unborn because it is her body and fuck everyone else. I just love America. Land of the free and home of the Libtard.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Planned Parenthood