Monday, July 03, 2017

Show-Me Guv Greitens Against Missouri Poor

The former Navy Seal seems to be making peace with his Republican detractors and slapfights this session and now he's marching forward with a full scale attack on the working poor.

Here's a round-up:

Greitens cuts spending for higher education and healthcare, blocks St. Louis' minimum wage

Just hours before Missouri's new fiscal year begins, Gov. Eric Greitens on Friday announced that he was trimming more than $250 million in budgeted state spending, concerned that the state's income would not cover all of legislators' allocations. Most of the trims, called "withholds," are temporary and could be restored if the state's finances improve.


Anonymous said...

G. I. Joe is easy to play - all we have to do here in KC to get his UMKC veto reversed is...

A) announce that the downtown campus will be named "The Sinquefield/Kemper Campus for Fine Arts" - then -

B) either Rex or Crosby will have a third-tier underling place a call to Jeff City -then-

C) the Governator will (i) crap his pants, (ii) announce that he's reconsidered his veto, and (iii) come up with 200-300 million to build a suitably lavish Campus.

Anonymous said...

The governor is right on track. Perhaps not good news for the mooching whiners, but right on the money for those who have to work hard to foot the slacker's bills.

Anonymous said...

The Pitiful Poor's war on America Continues. In stead of rising to the people, the poor in this country want the people to lower themselves to the poor.

Or..guys like Byron won't be happy until we're all losers like him.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Warren Buffet said that the rich were winning the class war.

What are their objectives? When will they declare victory, & end the war? Do they even have an endgame or coveted outcome?

Or is the war against the poor an end unto itself?

10:49 is a loser. The poor are NOT waging class warfare.

A poor white women told me once that she wanted the laws to favor the rich, in case she wins the lottery.

Anonymous said...

^^^ what a non sequitur response.

BTW, Warren Buffet is a world-class hypocrite when he pontificates. Look at where and how Buffet actually invests his own money, not the b.s. that he spews.

Anonymous said...

But he ain't gonna touch his salary and increase.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, soon skilled tradespersons will either remodel or rebuild the airport to bring earnings revenues and consumer spending to the area. Good workers need to and want to work. Too bad sewers, sidewalks, streets, and other delayed repairs aren't prioritized before the "Couture & Cramped KCI"/"Burke's Bundle O' Bucks Hotel"/"Free Rides On Rails" projects. Crony baloney entanglements in the TooT LooT touristy streetcars, a political payback deal hotel and a biggy riggy return-favors airport plan will, at least, get jobs numbers bumped up for awhile.