Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Show-Me The Big Money Special Session Bill

The tab for Summer debate was almost as costly as the price of the political capital that the new Guv wasted on both sides of the aisle. Take a look:

Missouri special session costs are $139,000 and growing

JEFFERSON CITY * Back in January, Gov. Eric Greitens complained that some Missouri lawmakers were considering giving themselves a pay raise when the state resources were thin. Although the pay raise idea fizzled amid his fierce opposition, Greitens' call for the Legislature to spend time in the capital city for two special sessions this summer may erase any financial benefit he sought by blocking the maneuver.


Anonymous said...

Greitens is a typical repubtard. Zero financial sense. These fools are destroy everything they get their filthy mitts on. Congrats on your progress trying to outdo Scamin' Sammy in the fiscal stupidity department

Anonymous said...

$139,000? Pffffft! Jackson County can spend that much at the sports complex and still not get the $50.00 parking signs up.