Thursday, July 13, 2017

Scuttling KCI: Another Water Main Break

The PR effort to scrap the nation's most convenient effort and hand over all the revenue to local corporations continues. Checkit:

Water restored after second water main break at KCI this month

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Water is flowing again at Kansas City International Airport after a water main broke early Thursday morning. For a short period of time there was no water in Terminal B and low water pressure in Terminal C.


Anonymous said...

Just like having responsibility for driving your neighbor's car and never changing the oil.
In this case, a very expensive public asset which maintenance has been ignored for decades.
An incompetent airport director left unsupervised and unaccountable by elected KCMO officials.
Keep electing the same kinds of folks.
But only if you have money to burn.

Anonymous said...

Sly's having it done on purpose.

Anonymous said...

4:30 it's not just the airports sewer system that is bad, it is the entire city. That's why instead of spending $2billion on an airport we don't need put it into the sewer system that desperately needs it.