Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Return Of The King: Charles Ferruzza Pens Kansas City Foodie Reviews Again

A glimmer of hope from print media this morning as one of the best foodie writers Kansas City has ever seen in back in circulation. Checkit:

Kansas City Spaces

We All Scream Last December, Westport businesswoman Murray Nixon quietly closed her beloved namesake ice cream shop in Westport after 32 years-and auctioned off all the equipment. A trio of new owners: brothers Steve and Dan Engravalle, natives of New Jersey, and Dan's wife, Debra, purchased much of the equipment at the auction and later negotiated for the lease of the longtime Murray's location at 4120 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Good to see Charles back in action.

Too bad the pitch is in such a sorry state.

ewf said...

Happy to see him anywhere, but he has been writing for Shawnee Mission Post and Independent all along. Yeah, I don't read them either, but just fyi.

Anonymous said...

CF is back?

We can all collectively throw up a little.

JoCoPost said...

Welcome back, Charles!

He is so knowledgeable.
And kind.
And funny.

We need more writing from Charles Ferruzza.