Thursday, July 20, 2017

Remember Kansas City Old School Northeast

This week Northeast News features a MUST READ MEMOIR of this historic community that has shaped local life far beyond its boundaries. Take a look:

The World Within A Block From Home

This week, in place of our weekly Historic Postcard feature we publish the second of a four-part series of short articles by the late John Dods written exclusively for The Northeast News. John was a Northeast native who graduated from Northeast High School in 1951.


Anonymous said...

...Of course, the mafia influence was felt through __________ and ________. Catholic education produced ___________ as well as ________.

Don Cardinal said...

Northeast a 3rd world multicultural Hades pit now. Feels like Honduras with Vietnam , African musulmen anyplace that's not European white or American Tbbh gentry.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, 11:42. Northeast has been a shithole since at least the late '40s.

Anonymous said...

^^And you would know?? I knew there were a shit-ton of geezers on this site, but jeez, you really are a geriatric!