Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rage Against Kansas City School Choice???

We might blog this again because this is really a story about disparity rather than staying on message but for tonight this primer on a local education dilemma will do:

KCPS Board Of Education Wants To Speak With 'One Voice' About Charter Schools

The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Education is preparing to take a public stance on the rapid expansion of charters. "We recognize as a board the need to create one voice around schools of choice or charters in Kansas City," said Jennifer Wolfsie, kicking off the conversation at the board's executive session Wednesday evening.


Anonymous said...

We want all the benefits of being the boss, but want to contract out our shools, jack the tax payers and blame the contractors. Afro American engineering at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Small high schools are cute and all, but unless they have Kaufman or HR Block behind them, they will not be able to afford to offer much with such low enrollments. The population within the district boundaries has dropped 30K in the past few years. They are going to be adding a couple more high schools in the next couple of years. We don't need anymore.

Anonymous said...

What 2:46p said.