Monday, July 24, 2017

Prez Trump & Kobach Stay Winning Voter Fraud Crackdown Courtroom Debate

In fairness and amid a litany of opposition, this ruling offers a bright spot for supporters of the Prez concerned about ballot integrity amid an increasingly hostile debate and upcoming midterm elections:

Judge denies demand for privacy assessment on Trump voter fraud data request

A federal judge has turned down a watchdog group's demand that President Donald Trump's controversial voter fraud commission be forced to conduct a privacy assessment before gathering data on millions of American voters. In a 35-page opinion Monday, U.S.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Al Queda and the NSA. Without them we might have never broken down all those silly privacy barriers in America.

Phil Cardarella said...

The great thing about gathering all this voter info in one spot is that Russia will be able to save time and energy when hacking into our election process.

If Vlad the Bad wanted to target fake info in swing counties in 2016, he had to hack into hundreds of county election boards. Now, The Donald -- in the interest of protecting our elections --is providing One Stop Shopping for the KGB!