Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pitch Pans Missouri Guv's Opioid Crackdown

The latest partisan screed from this faltering Kansas City "magazine" that has yet to find a niche among the local social media crowd. Checkit:

Greitens writes Missouri his own prescription for drug monitoring - and it's a placebo

Saying he was tired of waiting for legislators to end Missouri's pariah status as the only state without a prescription drug-monitoring program, Gov. Eric Greitens created one by executive order on Monday. He directed the Department of Health and Senior Services to build a database to track prescriptions and purchases of controlled substances, including opioids.


Anonymous said...

Apparently he shoved a gun in their face to get them to react.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just surrender. We have pumped more tax payer dollars into the drug wars over the decades than all of our wars combined. We just spent 8 years watching the commie and chief turning all the drug lords loose so explain to me exactly what is the purpose of the exercise.

Anonymous said...

^^We can't explain anything to you. You're too fucking stupid.