Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Overland Park Catholic Priest Arrested In Maryland Amid Double Nasty Charges Involving Youngster

More deets on this nasty story of suburban sacrilege that was thankfully reported to authorities but still reflects an ongoing crisis in The Church. Checkit:

Overland Park Catholic priest charged with child sex crimes

Authorities say a Catholic priest charged in Wyandotte County with child sex crimes has been arrested in Maryland. The Wyandotte County prosecutor's office announced Tuesday that the Rev. Scott Kallal was charged Friday with two counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.


Anonymous said...

Prison Rape is no joke. I personally have difficulty using nonviolent language towards child molesters. It's a weakness in my character. Not everyone gets to grow up without being forced to play with a grown man's dick. That said, rapist and child molesters are useless. We should let the neighborhood where the child who was molested decide the outcome of these situations. I realize, most of them will get clubbed in the head or dragged behind a car and these things aren't talked about in polite society but what the hell, it was just a piece of meat, this priest should have kept under his apron.

Anonymous said...

This is a weak criminal case.