Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Newsflash: Kansas Wasn't Going Broke

Turns out politicos might have been punked as last minute revenues were up right before Sunflower State politicos decided to spike taxes and part ways with unpopular Guv Brownback. Take a look:

Kansas collects $72M more in taxes than expected in June

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas collected $72 million more in taxes than anticipated in June, ending its budget year with a dose of good news just ahead of an income tax increase meant to keep the state operating in the black.


Anonymous said...

Kansas isn't broke? That's fake news.

The monthly projections were lowered several months ago so they could finally start hitting them.

Throughout the year, they have borrowed from the pension and road funds. They issued new bonds. Medicaid expansion was vetoed.

Prior to eliminating Brownback's tax cuts, a state budget shortfall of more than $1 billion was projected through June 2019, even if they hit every monthly projection. Exceeding a monthly number under the Brownback tax structure would not matter. That path was to the poor house. Broke, broke, broke.

Additionally, it looks like KS should beef up their education budget for remedial math courses for the folks with KSHB.

Anonymous said...

Glad libtards got it back where the whole damn state has returned to supporting the liberal agenda. Brilliant work!

Anonymous said...

^^^ you're an idiot if you think Kansas supports a "liberal agenda." Facts and figures are just that and there is no denying Brownback's policies were a monumental failure. It's all there in black and white. Brownback lowered projections so he could finally hit them. And I'll tell you what else they're doing to pad the numbers: the state is refusing to pay out tax refunds to anyone that has them coming. Not one person on Kansas has got one yet and I'm one of them. Wonder why they are doing that?

Anonymous said...

^^^ You are an idiot period!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ good comeback!! Way to form an argument based on facts and reasoning! Cue a "librard" or "snowflake" response 3,2,1...