Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meet The New Kansas Boss

The nation's paper of record previews the new Sunflower dude in charge:

Waiting in the Wings in Kansas: Who Is Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer?

"I don't expect much different with the new governor," said State Representative Jim Ward, the Democratic leader in the House. "Jeff Colyer has walked in lock step with Sam Brownback for the last six-and-a-half years." Despite spending more than a decade in state government and more than six years as lieutenant governor, Mr. Colyer has largely avoided the political spotlight.


Anonymous said...

He we go! The libtard press looking for some fresh meat as they attempt to be relevant is some way.

Anonymous said...

Six and a half years of Brownback and the GOP's insane "Voodoo Economics" has been the funniest freak show on the air!

Please, Kansas Voters, keep the laughs coming!


Please, Kansas, pretty please?