Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Meet Meth Town Suspect Charged With Stealing Police Chief's Patrol Car

Today's top somewhat local crime link that sounds like the beginning of a horrible country song:

Independence man charged with stealing Northmoor patrol unit, attempting to strike police chief

An Independence man has been charged in connection with stealing a police chief's patrol unit and attempting to run over the officer while avoiding arrest. Jeffery S. Brown, 23 of Independence, Mo., has been charged with escape from custody, resisting arrest, tampering with a motor vehicle, and leaving the scene of an accident.


Anonymous said...

Northmoor cops should be embarrassed but since they have no pride, are not easily embarrassed fake fucking Barney Fife cops

Anonymous said...

Guy probably forgot he was not in Jackson County. Now he may get more than probation.

Anonymous said...

how did he get that mouse under his right eye. cops just can't take a joke

Anonymous said...

Northmore have a jail ?