Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meet The Meth Town Alleged Molester

Jackson County Crackdown news today:

Independence man, 23, accused of molesting 2 juveniles

A 23-year-old Independence man has been charged with child molestation involving two children. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker charged Damon R. Atchley, 23 with child molestation in one case and child molestation and sodomy in a second case. According to court records, the defendant told police he touched the genitals of the victims and sodomized them.


Anonymous said...

Too bad he's white . Otherwise, probation would be a sure deal from Jean Petersucker Baker.

Anonymous said...

The fun really starts when he gets to prison he ha!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Dude!!! Tell mean Jean you are a transvestite school teacher and you will get counseling.

Anonymous said...

Man, Catholic Priests are sure dressing casually these days!