Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Local Leukemia Rages Against Monsanto

Kansas City story of survival against the odds and Big-Agra. Checkit:

Woman exposed to weed killer chemical, now battling cancer, vows to fight Monsanto to her last breath

We use it in our garden and shower in on our crops. Roundup is a weed killer that was heralded as something of a miracle after it was created 30 years ago because it saved farmers from the time-consuming, back-breaking work of clearing weeds from their fields.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Tens of millions have used Roundup. Fake news and crooked trial lawyers.

Anonymous said...

That woman worked in the factory that made the stuff for years and years. Very different level of exposure vs. the end user.

Anonymous said...

Bitch, you will be dead completely rotten in the ground before some judge throws your stupid lawsuit out of court.

Anonymous said...

The real killer is that there are no less than a dozen garden products under different names still on store shelve and containing the same chemicals as Roundup.

A little know fact is that the EPA forced the US Army to shut down Fort McClellan Alabama for being toxic over Monsantos company's dumping PCBs and other chemicals in the area for decades. The post was the Army Chemical school and thousands of Military Police trained there.

The Army tried to pass the closing off as a BRAC, budget, closing and got caught in their snow job. Now there are documented cases of hundreds of prior soldiers still alive with substantiated related terminal conditions. While the city of Aniston, Alabama has received hundreds of millions from Monsantos related to the damages, the good old VA continues to deny screenings to soldiers who were stationed at McClellan. This is spite of a bill stalled in congress that would require the VA to recognize scientifically proven related illnesses/conditions and treat the victims. I'm sure glad Trump is keeping his word to the veterans.....fat chance!