Friday, July 28, 2017

Kansas Politicos Stay Losing Amid Another GOP Obamacare Repeal FAIL

Local glimpse at Sunflower State struggle to kick millions off of healthcare. Check this round-up report:

Moran, Roberts Vote For 'Skinny Repeal' As McCain Casts Deciding Vote Against It

For a while it appeared that the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act might come down to Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran's vote. He was one of a handful of Republican senators who broke ranks to oppose an initial version of the GOP repeal and replace bill.


Anonymous said...

Let Obamy care rot on the vines.

Anonymous said...

an eighty-year old with brain cancer.

there are too many old fart senators, imho.

Anonymous said...

If Congress likes Obamacare so much, let Congressmen and their staffs live under it. They have so far been covered by an employer funded health care plan which was ruled exempt from the ACA under the "small business" exception - a HHS position which was a lie from the beginning. I hope that Trump will reverse that obvious lie so that Senators and Representatives learn first hand what other Americans are facing.

Ditto, Obama's unilateral action to continue to allow union Cadillac plans, which is contrary to the language of the law.