Kansas Guv Brownback Buh-Bye Redux

Public TV look at eveybody kicking this guy as he goes out the door:

Unpopular At Home, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Nominated For State Dept. Post

One of the least popular governors in the country is leaving his post to take a new position with the Trump administration. President Trump announced Wednesday that he would nominate Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, a social conservative with deep religious convictions, to head the Office of International Religious Freedom in the U.S.


  1. Frito Pendejo7/27/17, 12:22 PM

    Adios, motherfucker!

  2. Get this stupid bastard out of here. Whatever job he gets, he should never be allowed anywhere near a budget. Worst governor ever, and we have had some bad ones. He is even worse than Connie the Cunt Sebelius.

  3. Hopefully he can't cause as much damage in the role of Big Chief Ambassador In Charge Of Zealotry And Morality.

  4. Curious how the State Department is overseeing internal religious issues in the U.S.A. since the purpose of the agency is foreign affairs.

  5. Maybe this role will give him the opportunity to leap to the forefront as the leading exponent of the "Trickle-Down Religion" theory. Not bad for a simple Baptist/Methodist/Catholic boy.


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