Friday, July 21, 2017

Kansas City Vaccine Crackdown

Cost increase and student health report before school starts . . . Here's the update that challenges Internets autism fear. Take a look:New rules for immunizations in Kansas City before school starts


Anonymous said...

If we can't get money out of it, well then screw it. Pharma and public health are not really worried about public health.

If public health ends up not using leftovers that stuff is expensive to dispose of since it's considered hazardous waste. Someone has to pay for all that and public health budgets are tied to the CDC grants to promote. Unless of course we can get Bill Gates to ship them to 3rd World Countries for the appearance of altruism. Nevermind its repurchase by charity groups from organizations he and Melinda own stock in and benefit from tax write-offs. Oh did anyone bother to notice that the CDC is a for profit entity that develops, promotes, profits, determines "safety" and recommends for mandates all these "must haves"?

Sure, one "must have" them but they never give them for free. Someone always pays. Either with their taxes, ling term health or life.

Anonymous said...

So here's the way to get around the residency requirement: You have multiple ID's showing you live in the City. This works well when you want to get your child into a neighboring district without paying. Sure, little TaQua'n lives with his grandma at this address. And here's her phone number in case you want to verify. Sweet deal.