Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kansas City Summer Ruckus Tonight!!!

After a stormy week of controversy THE TOP RANKING POLITICAL CHAT SHOW IN KANSAS CITY offers a round-table clean up of all the top local issues.


"Mike Shanin interviews Kansas City Police Board President Leland Shurin about the candidates and challenges for the new head of the Kansas City Police Department. Steve Glorioso, Terry Riley, Ron Freeman and Crosby Kemper III discuss the candidates for KCPD Chief, Burns and McDonnell's tactics to land the KCI deal and the three ballot questions relating to streetcar expansion in Kansas City."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT panel. Really wish that somebody could convince Crosby to run for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

The only black on black violence we need is for Sly to drive up and down Prospect with a gun on his hip. Old West style. Then clean up Van Brunt, THE Paseo in THE ghetto and to finally build a wall along Troost. We can then fire Burns and Mac and with that money we can do air drops over the ghetto with bags of UNICEF rice and Kool Aid packets.

Everyone KC said...

+1 ^^^^^^

Grant said...

Here's what they missed:

KC hate Sam Brownback. You may not agree but there's no denying it. This week the REAL political news was that one of the most unpopular and worst elected officials in the U.S. was finally giving up the ghost. I guess you can thank Trump for that.

Anonymous said...

10:04---Crosbys smarter than that

Anonymous said...


Newsmaker: Leland Shurin, KCMO Board of Police Commissioners
Does this man even live in KCMO? I think he used to practice law in KCMO, but now lives in Phoenix. Why is he making decisions for the KCPD?

Ron Freeman (R)
Steve Glorioso (D)
Terry Riley (D)
Crosby Kemper 3 (L)

TOP COP -- Ron Freeman went first, and summarized it perfectly. Kemper added excellent additional comments.

Kemper spills the patriotic truth on Burns and Mc tactics.

Kemper's truth wins again....1,000 people will decide to spend $550M of taxpayer funds? WTF?

Glorioso hates "lazy Americans."
Kemper calls out KC Star Editorial Board nearsightedness.

Riley has a thing for "Mrs. Robinson's Graduates."
Freeman loves the Royals.
Shanin pokes a pig and makes it squeal.

Anonymous said...

It was a good show.