Monday, July 17, 2017

Kansas City Stays Developer Winning?!?!

In fairness after this morning's example of biz folks on City Hall welfare, here's an example a local builder doing the right thing. Take a look:

Shocker! KC Developer Builds Building, Pays Taxes!

In a sign of the times, Rob Roberts at The Kansas City Business Journal found it newsworthy that a developer seeking to build a mixed use high rise in Westport is not asking for taxpayer subsidies. In response to a question from Councilman Quinton Lucas, Cole added that the developers would not seek any incentives for West Port Terrace at Manor Square.


Anonymous said...

This MUST be stopped! This is NOT the way we do things in Kansas City!

Anonymous said...

Gentrification is the key.

Anonymous said...

They must be ignorant out-of-towners!
Likely even ethical too!

KCMO Mayor James and most on the Council have trained developers to always ask for breaks/incentives, and they in turn ask for campaign cash.

Case in point: please review all the cash collected from developers by Scott Taylor, who actually bragged about his cash infusion to other Council members, hoping to dissuade them from challenging him in the next Mayor's race.