Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kansas City Skyline Mockup For Clunker

Local landmark check in this advert for a rolling pile of South Korean garbage. Take at public TV running biz propaganda:

Hyundai Uses Downtown Kansas City Skyline In Commercial - Sort Of

In a weird mash-up, Hyundai is using the Kansas City skyline, with a few more buildings thrown in for good measure, in a national television commercial for its 2017 Sonata model. The spot opens with heavy freeway traffic in the foreground but there's no mistaking the core downtown skyline in the background: One Kansas City Place, the Town Pavilion, the Power & Light building, 1201 Walnut and Commerce Tower.


Anonymous said...

why in the hell wld you own/drive one?????

Anonymous said...

Hyundai is actually a good car. The worst cars are Volkswagen Jetta and Beetle because they are mad in Puebla Mexico. Mexicans can't make anything good. They are only good at mowing yards, stealing, selling dope, and roofing.

Anonymous said...

If corporations are people now... shouldn't a building receive residuals from advertising making use of it's image?

Anonymous said...

But why are the cars in the photo, which are more cars than have been seen at one time in one place in KCMO in decades, all going OUT of the city?
What have Sly and the gang done to cause such an exodus?
Maybe someone saw the total city debt, how long it's going to have to be paid, and the tax levels needed to support it.
Hope all those emigrating aren't millenials and productive members of the "creative class"!