Monday, July 10, 2017

Kansas City Reminder: Never Help Anyone

More follow-up on a local robbery after a Kansas City lady stopped to help people stuck on the side of the road and was then robbed. Checkit:

Good Samaritan left without vehicle, purse after trying to help crash victims

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman had her car stolen over the weekend when she stopped to help people in a car crash. Police recovered the vehicle but it's now part of the investigation. She understands that but she doesn't understand why they can't give her back the purse that was inside.


Anonymous said...

She's lucky she didn't get fucked or killed. I gues they must have been negros.

Anonymous said...

More "benefits of diversity".

Anonymous said...

Never Ever do this if you see someone on the side of the road and you think they need help call the police and let them deal with it.

Don't be fooled they will use women and babies to lure you in, don't stop!!

This same thing happened in Lafayette county when a farmer tried to help two guys and they killed him.


Anonymous said...

Lady you are damn lucky you didn't have your dog in the car. The cops would have gotten in fear of their lives and murdered it.

Anonymous said...

Let this also be a lesson, if you're driving around illegally like this gal was, at least attempt to minimize you're interaction with police. You have no insurance, don't be at a crash site, don't give them the opportunity to check your papers.

Anonymous said...

No good deed goes unpunished.