Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kansas City "Owns" American Jazz Museum Bounced Check Crisis

Damage control as City Hall picks up the tab amid more mismanagement without any real consequences and as more cash is promised to the district. You decide: \

Kansas City's American Jazz Museum Should Belong To The Entire City, Officials Say

Financial woes at the American Jazz Museum aren't sitting well with city and state officials. "I'm concerned, like a lot of other people, about what's going on," says Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver. "I don't think we ought to ignore this, ignore the problems, or dismiss them lightly."


Anonymous said...

We have now become a national joke. KC is a CUCKHOLD CITY, mostly belonging to the Cordish Company. We feature a dancing, bowtied crooked mayor (a long line of 'em), a deadbeat congressman grifter with garnished wages, zillion dollar 2 mile train, hi-rise apartment glut in downtown KC, murder rate off the charts, home invasions and carjackings multiplying, unsafe to walk city trails or go anywhere at night, formerly-safe neighborhoods now overrun by 'teens, the Plaza, Brookside, and Waldo now transformed into "Homeytown." Not even the city jail is safe.

It's unsafe to even go to the "Jazz District." There's what, one place to hear live jazz? And if you're white, you're taking a big chance just being in that neighborhood. All those millions of dollars and not even one real jazz musician in Kansas City has anything positive to say about 12th & Vine. It's just a stinkin' shit hole that somehow they've managed to stuff millions of our tax dollars into. Everybody knows this. But hey, look at all those nice cars parked down there, owned by the people that are on the payroll for this mess.

Here's the only way to fix the Jazz District, so it'll work, make KC money, and be a worthwhile moneymaking investment paid for with our taxes:

Fire everybody on the 'Jazz District" payroll TODAY. NO severance pay!!! They have already gotten theirs by stealing from the city and doing nothing in return. Immediately hire somebody that is JEWISH to run anything having to do with entertainment, jazz, and any music affiliated with KC. Kansas City Negroes aren't capable of running anything that is funded by our tax dollars. How many more chances do they get with more millions? If they don't announce mass firings within a week, we'll all know they DON'T GIVE ONE FUCK and aim to continue on their present path, which is doing nothing at all to promote KC and KC JAZZ and the so called district with our goddamn tax money.

It's painfully obvious, that after completely WASTING millions and millions, we have nothing but embarrassment to show the world.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need more funding for this place?

Anonymous said...

^ The truth,

the whole truth,

once and for all...NOT NOW...FUCKIN' YESTERYEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day the city will wake up and admit that Jazz just isn't that popular.

Anonymous said...

Should be an ALL LIVE MUSIC, venue...Kansas City based...promote it ALL...Jazz is a nice starting point, but way too limited and narrow.

Anonymous said...

This posting goes quite well with the one directly above it.

The Jazz District is a taxpayer bone thrown to the East-side black community. No one with a functioning brain would believe that the Jazz District can stand on it's own and remain self-sufficient.

Jazz is not a popular mainstream interest, it appeals to a very small demographic. Please reference recent year annual music sales figures below:
Data from Nielsen Music regarding the US market last year shows that rock music claimed 29% of total consumption across album and track purchases as well as streaming platforms.

Pop was responsible 14.9% of consumption, with R&B/hip-hop taking 17.2% and dance music (‘EDM’) claiming 3.4%.

Country music took 11.2% of the overall market, with Christian/Gospel on 3.1%, Latin music on 2.6%, Holiday/Seasonal (Christmas) on 2.6% and Classical and Jazz on 1.4% each.

These percentages were calculated by dividing total track downloads into TEA (track equivalent albums) and total streams into SEA (streaming equivalent albums)* and then adding the results to the album sales tally.

Using this formula, overall annual music consumption was down year-on-year in the US by 2% to 476.5m ‘albums’ in 2014, according to Nielsen.

Anonymous said...

KCC - Kansas City, Chicago ?????????

OOOpps,,, more MURDERED this week-end in KCMO

along with 1 Car Jacking & robbery leaving 1 man beaten,,,,,

Soon Signs that say Welcome to Kansas City,,, will be replaced with,,,,,,,,

Welcome to HOODRAT City ENTER at your own Risk !!!

Anonymous said...

The funny part of all this is this was the cleave's legacy project! It's even funnier that he cant manage his money and the clowns he hired to run the joke I mean jazz district can't mange money either!!!!

Anonymous said...

They have been trying to clone Beale Street for two decades. Trust me folks this ain't Beale Street and it is never going to be Beale Street. Every fucking town in America that ever had jazz venues have either ran from these type of projects or crashed doing them with the exception of New York City which has gotten millions in Tax payer dollars for the recognized National Jazz Museum in Harlem. KC has proven time and time again it has no business trying to guess at what appeals to the American tourist. Cut this shit off, fix the shitters in this town and stay the fuck out of shit that will never work without a pot of gold.

Anonymous said...

There's no jazz district cuz there's no jazz. Jazz is an audience-attracting music only in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere you go in town the boons are talking about jazz, expertly arguing various points of view in an educated and polite manner.

Usually it's the old Miles vs Coltrane debate, they never seem to tire of that one.

Anonymous said...

Where did the city find the funds? Did they take away from the tourism fund? Lots of changes there.

Anonymous said...

Bitch, stay off the goddamn internet!!! If anyone wants your opinion, they'll fuckin' give it to you.

Anonymous said...

Only been to 18th and Vine twice in my life. And neither of it because of Jazz and the Jazz Museum. I would go to Gem if it was a grind house movie theatre showing old movies from back in the day. Think Alamo Draft house without the new movies.

Anonymous said...

MLB gave them $1mil - Im sure that is going fast - if not already spent.