Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kansas City Newsie Substitute

The latest player of Kansas City "journalism" musical chairs. Checkit:

FOX 4 announces new anchor/reporter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Journalist Pat McGonigle is joining FOX 4 News as late news co-anchor and reporter for Kansas City's number-one-rated news team. McGonigle comes to FOX 4 from KSDK-TV, the NBC affiliate in St. Louis, Missouri, where he was morning anchor for the last six years.


Anonymous said...

He has the look of a bad case of constipation on his face.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. He left St Louis to move to the KC broadcasting market. He is going to have to work damn hard to meet the low standards in KC.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse. Could go to an even lower standards of Tapukea, KS TV stations of WIBW, or KSNT.

Anonymous said...

After six years at KSDK (Channel 5), Pat McGonigle will ankle the station next week.

Station colleagues were notified by email Thursday that the last day for the "Today in St. Louis" co-anchor will be June 23.

McGonigle's departure comes eight months after the station bumped former sports director Rene Knott up to being a third co-anchor on the morning show, with McGonigle and Alexandra Corey.

The move cut into McGonigle's exposure, as he only anchored from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. and then worked as a reporter to fill out his week.

KSDK general manager Alicia Elsner said Knott and Corey would be the only anchors for now, with the possibility of adding a third person still possible.

McGonigle, a St. Louis University and Emerson College grad, came to town from New York state in September 2011 to replace Art Holliday and join Jennifer Blome as the co-anchor the morning show.

McGonigle, who also is a regular guest on Dave Glover's show on KFTK-FM 97.1, said he is looking at other opportunities.

"But having went to St. Louis U. and knowing of KSDK and the Cardinals, working here has been the honor of my career," he said.

Anonymous said...

Katie Horner is still available.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....#1...Why did you have to use a negative phrase like "constipated"? Isn't there enough of that going on that you have to add more to the world. He probably knows he has huge shoes to fill. . #2..."ankle"?...#3 I think Kate likes her job and she is not an anchor...she enjoys actually doing something like meteorology, opposed to "reading" the teleprompter. #4...Try kindness.

Anonymous said...


Newsies generally always seek to move to a larger market.

St. Louis market is larger than KCMO.