Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kansas City Newsie Conversation

Quick look at Kansas City journalists discussing, deciphering and reviewing all the topics we have reviewed over the past two weeks.


"Nick Haines, Colleen Nelson, Stacey Cameron, Steve Vockrodt and Dave Helling discuss the legacies of local business icons Neal Patterson and James B. Nutter, Gov. Greitens providing crime relief assistance to St. Louis but none to KC, issues with local 911 emergency call centers, overtime pay making a local firefighter the highest paid public official, KCI radio ads and Wolf Creek cyberattacks."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Mayor bullhorn shouldnt have pissed off the guvner!

Anonymous said...

Dave Helling seeks to equate a failure to raise the minimum wage with higher crime levels! WTF?

So, in essence, Helling blames legislators for pushing people into committing crime. Because you know, if you're a minimum wage worker, you have no other options than to turn to crime. Does that make any sense?

Maybe Helling can write an article supporting the idea of decreasing law enforcement budgets and redistributing the funds to poor people, because you know that crime levels will decrease when you give poor people free money. Right?