Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Kansas City News Link Look Tonight

Hottie Lucy is teaching the world about body acceptance and cultural norms in her work while we focus on the top Kansas City news links tonight. Take a peek:

Kansas City Big Money Medicine

Report: KC-area docs who were paid the most by drug, device companies - Kansas City Business Journal

Last year, drug and device companies paid $8.18 billion to physicians, according to the most recent data published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Open Payments program. Kansas and Missouri contributed to the total.

Hand It To KCMO Fireworks

Amputated hand among injuries caused by fireworks in Kansas City area

More than 90 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries - including an amputated hand and 40 percent burns over a patient's body - at Kansas City-area hospitals this July Fourth holiday. HCA Midwest treated more than 55 fireworks-related injuries, according to Christine Hamele, a spokeswoman for the health system.

Kansas City WayBack B-Ball

Do you remember the Kansas City Kings?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The land of the Royals and Chiefs once housed Kings. In 1972, the Cincinnati Royals became the Kansas City - Omaha Kings. The Kings played their final game in Kansas City on May 14, 1985. Watch the video above for more about the Kansas City Kings.

Drunken Suspect Lady Captured

Woman charged after allegedly driving drunk the wrong way down I-35 with 2-year-old child in car

LIBERTY, Mo. -- A woman has been charged in Clay County after allegedly driving the wrong way down the interstate while intoxicated with her child in the vehicle in the early morning hours on the 4th of July.

Show-Me Box Store Danger

Walmart shopper cut by razor blade embedded in cart

FESTUS, Mo. - A Missouri woman was cut on Sunday by a razor blade hidden under the handle of her shopping cart at Walmart. "It bled a little tiny bit so I went to the doctor and they drew blood and I'll have to go back in six months again" Michelle Patterson told Fox2Now.

Hack Headline Of The Day

A New Kansas Museum Dares To Showcase Daredevil Evel Knievel

Half a century ago war, protests, and political scandal rocked the United States. Sound familiar? But, out of all that a small-time hoodlum from Butte, Montana rocketed into national prominence, on a motorbike. Evel Knievel's career took off like a rocket, but crashed even faster. Now a new museum celebrates all that is Evel.

Cowtown After All

KCK police help wrangle stray cattle Wednesday morning

Kansas City, Kansas, police helped round up cattle on the loose Wednesday morning. Police were called to the 6800 block of Cernech Road, and helped steer the animals off the road. Check out the pictures posted on Instagram.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that in Butte, Montana where they celebrate Evel Knievel Days is the grave of a man who grew up in Harrisonville, MO named Frank Little. Frank Little organized Copper Miners and 100 years ago this summer Little was lynched off a railroad bridge when he was taken in the middle of the night by Vigilante's hired by the Anaconda Copper Bosses. On August 1 1917 Frank Little was dragged whipped behind the automobile, lost his knee caps, was shot and then died hanging off the bridge. 10,000 miners attended Frank Little's funeral. Long Live Frank Little!

Anonymous said...

That Lucy whore is fatter than a hog. That fat whore does nothing for me.

Anonymous said...

That would make you a bad fellow.

Anonymous said...

Good. Evel Knievel was an asshole. My best friend in HS's mom used to be a taxi driver in Missoula, apparently he tried to skip out on his fare because he was quote "Evel Fucking Knievel". She told him that "Evel Fucking Knievel" definitely had enough to pay and to cough it up.

Anonymous said...

Lucy sexy. So, so sexy.