Thursday, July 27, 2017


Quick look airport "progress" as we get a timeline and more bad news about the financial planning of the upcoming monstrosity:


The joint committee meeting this morning at City Hall could have been filmed as a reality TV show. It was comical at times. What did we learn?

We agree with the Mayor in his assessment, we should not ask the voters to approve a financing method until the voters see a firm plan for our airport. Only Councilman Lucas on the joint committee wanted to vote today after the discussions. What does that mean?

These ordinances, as well as the other ordinance coming, are all for A SINGLE TERMINAL ONLY!

We also learned today the "PRIVATE FINANCING" plan being advertised by Burns & McDonnell is false and misleading. It was determined the "private financing" B&M is proposing is really "Quasi Government Financing “. It’s not private at all.

The City Finance Department representative testified ‘no matter what kind of financing the voters decide on, there will be a liability on the books of the Aviation Department for that amount. What does that mean? It means, if the Airlines are unable to meet their obligations and curtail payments to the Aviation Department; and the Aviation Department cannot pay for the bonds, THE KCMO VOTING TAXPAYERS WILL BE ON THE HOOK TO PAY THE BONDS!” As long the airport is on property owned by the City of Kansas City, the City will have liability exposure. When they tell you there is “no risk” to general fund dollars, they are just wrong.”

We also learned: The proposals for a new airport will be turned in today. We will be told how many proposals are turned in BUT we will not be told who turned them in? It’s a secret!!! What’s with this?? So much for open transparency!

The selection committee will be six people: Jolie Justus, Jermaine Reed, Pat Klein, Troy Schulte, Aviation Department CFO and Aviation Department Engineer.

July 27 - Bid proposals turned in..
August 10 -The bid presenters will turn in their financing plan proposals for their bids.
August 14 - The selection committee will interview the bidders and discuss their proposals. Council Members not on the committee may be excluded from this meeting. TBD
August 24 - Ballot language is due.

We learned the voting public will not be able to see the proposals until after a selection has been made. We were promised by several council members ”the voting public will be able to see all the proposals before we are asked to vote on the winning proposal.”

Councilwoman Justus mentioned she will have additional meetings on August 10, 17 and 24th.

CAUTION: This is scary... It was mentioned, the City COUNCIL can arrange to finance the airport bonds thru PORT KC, KCATA or THE PLATTE CO. IDA AND NOT HAVE TO HOLD A PUBLIC VOTE! WOW! This is a whole new wrinkle!

Nothing was discussed as to why our City would be wanting to go from the Compensatory Airline Agreement ( we have now )to a Residual Airline Agreement, when most cities want to get to what we have? Trying to jam through a new single terminal so the airlines can then renegotiate their contracts to get a more favorable "Residual Airline Agreement" is not in the best interest of the voting taxpayers of KCMO! Wake up City Hall… WE OWN THE AIRPORT :: NOT THE AIRLINES


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Anonymous said...

Ooh! This is scary! Wow! Lordy! Jeepers! Golly! Leapin' Lizards!

Anonymous said...

What's scary is how much Burns & McDonnell wants to steal from KC. They are not local. They are an international company.

Anonymous said...

Start with a recall petition drive for Slie James.

Was Clay Chastain going to start one?

Then do a recall petition for Jolly Just-us.

Anonymous said...

get out the vaseline

KC JP said...

Agree, it is time for a RECALL

Anonymous said...

just vote no!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm purposing just going to Lowes or Home Depot, and purchasing 1 of those cheap metal garden sheds to replace the KCI Terminal,,

and that'll suffice as the New Modern Kansas City International Airport, for all major airlines !!

Total Cost : $399.00 Dollars

The Garden Shed will should seat 6 adults comfortably ,,,,,,,,,,

Major Airlines that will serve the New KCI Airport :

Continental Airlines
Mohawk Airlines
PAN AM Airways

anybody see a problem with the above ????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

midwest express is nice too.