Monday, July 17, 2017

Kansas City Museum Parking Slap Fight Continues Late July 2017

Remember that a great many locals don't like the plan devised to clear out green space by the Kansas City Museum.

Here's a look at a pitch for the project so readers can decide for themselves. Checkit:

Join Us for a Community Conversation Session about Future Parking at the Kansas City Museum

5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Outside of the Kansas City Museum

With construction on Corinthian Hall about to start, the Kansas City Museum seeks public feedback and input that will guide the development of a parking solution for the Museum when it re-opens in 2019. The Museum anticipates at least 50,000 visitors in 2019, and it is time for the renovation planning team to explore a multimodal transportation plan for how visitors will arrive to and access the Museum.

Join us on Thursday, July 27 in the Parkland just west of and parallel to Walrond Ave. and adjacent to the Kansas City Museum to take a look at parking layout concepts for cars and school/tour buses*, and to provide feedback and input so that the Museum may begin, in the coming months, to design and develop a parking solution for 2019.

Feel free to stop by at any time during the event.
We would be grateful for your participation.
Your feedback and input continues to be meaningful to our process.

Tents will be set up and bottled water will be provided.

*Please note that future community conversation sessions will be scheduled to discuss walkability, as well as access to the Museum via bikes, public transportation, and shuttles.

For more information, click here to review the latest Museum Progress Report

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