Kansas City Mayor Sly And Temp Top Cop Take Another Public Relations Tour

Good vibes and a publicity stunt that didn't merit much of a mention anywhere else but Dead-Tree media. Checkit:

KC Mayor James, Interim Police Chief Zimmerman to meet East Side residents

Interim Kansas City Police Chief David Zimmerman and Mayor Sly James will meet with residents on the East Side on Wednesday to talk about crime and prevention. It is the second effort since last month, when the officials met with people in south Kansas City.


  1. Less talk more action

  2. ^^^Same for you, vegetable lasagna!

  3. Honorable Sly da Mofo James7/25/17, 9:59 AM

    Now lookee heah ya'll. Stop dat crime or Iz got a motha fucka to turn this place intah Norman, Okiedokiehoemamma

  4. I think Sly should move to the hood. He is such a fat turd lying piece of shit.

  5. ^^^I think you should change your diaper, its as full of shit as you are.

  6. The dogs and ponies are all ready for the show.
    The tent's up and the rings are waiting for the next acts. Which are, sadly, the same as they've been for decades.
    And the circus already has a ringmaster and carnival barker, who is willing to take at least a little time off from subsidizing anyone with a pulse and claiming the latest ridiculous "biggest/best/up-to-date/cutting edge, or whatever nonsense for KCMO, to make believe he will actually do his job as mayor and address his most basic responsibility.
    And then...back to the business of tourists and taxpayer-subsidized buildings.
    Those campaign contributions don't some pouring through the door for nothing!


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