Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kansas City, Kansas Deadly Gunfire Aftermath

Homicide scene deets from across the State Line. Take a look:

Kansas City, Kansas police working the scene of a homicide Sunday afternoon

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is investigating a homicide Sunday evening. Officers were called to the 1200 block of Everett around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon where they found a man suffering from an apparent gunshot wound - the victim had no pulse. That man was later pronounced dead.


Anonymous said...

If I was the mayor of kck I'd be blaming mayor bullhorn because our crap is spilling over into their neighborhoods, you can send all your appreciation mail to kcmo city hall

Anonymous said...

Isn't the stupid fucking mayor of KCK the one who was bragging about the diversity there?

Anonymous said...

Apparently these folks didn't receive the Mayor Holland's red, white and blue postcard stating all his great works. Covered all the points of how wonderful he is and how great life is KCK because of him. "I will continue to build on that legacy for the future of your family and mine." He has the freaking nerve to tell us that Carol Marinovich and Joe Reardon have a legacy worth following.

He has a vision for sidewalks, trails and improved parks. Selling out to private companies to build trails around Wyandotte Lake where all you can hear from the shore in the once peaceful part of lake are turds yelling from their bikes and people fishing with large nets from the shoreline.

Is it any wonder people are shooting each other? Living in KCK with these lying thieves running our lives into the ground while they smile and live on the publics money as neighborhoods are turned to shit.

KCK is a third world shithole. Sly hired a few of KCK's finest to work you over in KCMO, so you'll find out soon enough.