Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kansas City Journalism Conversation

The world according to Kansas City newsies that may or may not differ from all of the social media chatter that we regularly endure.


"Nick Haines, Jay Senter, Steve Vockrodt, Eric Wesson and Steve Kraske discuss what to expect as Kansas campus carry laws go into effect, KC's per capita homicide rate surpassing Chicago's, potential GOP candidates to take on Claire McCaskill, the KCK bailout for T-Bones stadium, the KCMO bailout of the jazz festival, the demise and delays of area retail developments and streetcar ballot confusion."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

A black guy on the panel? Wow, that cuck Mo Rage is happy. I bet today he'll have a black guy cuck his wife. What am I saying that's every Saturday.

I See a Loser said...

That dumbass Senter is a very anti-gun kind of person. His snowflake views are disgusting and his news worse yet. What an idiot, he needs to give it up and go to work at a local Chinese buffet.

Anonymous said...

Fuck public liberal TV. Shit like this show is why I will never contribute to these fake ass broadcasters.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind fucking that red haired girl. She looks like she would be a good fuck.

Anonymous said...

Two points:

The fact that the KC Star's Headline claimed that KC was the Homicide Capital of the US and the article's text stated exactly the opposite is symptomatic of the reason the newspaper has lost all respect and most of its readers.

Secondly, those pimping a Republican't to run against Claire McCaskill must not be veterans or must not have ever asked a veteran about Claire. She has consistently been an advocate for veterans and enjoys wide spread support among them. Contrast her with Hawley, who has never served, and with the GOP's war on the VA since the election, with 1,100 facility closures, disability cuts, budget reductions, and personnel cuts, all in direct contradiction to campaign promises made, and mostly by secretive Executive Orders rather than public Legislative Actions. Vets, Unite!