Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kansas City Jazz Fest Stays Losing Money

Money deets on bounced check for this old & busted district that still can't stay afloat after $7 million in City Hall cash recently approved and $100 million in subsidy over a generation:

Kansas City Jazz Festival vendors still owed $150,000

American Jazz Museum officials said Wednesday that they still owe vendors $150,000 for the jazz festival held in May, but they are working hard to raise the money to pay those bills. "We will correct the mistakes made from the festival and continue forward with this important programming for Kansas City," museum executive director Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner told the City Council's Finance and Government Committee.


Anonymous said...

Pathetic and embarrassing. Every one of these grifters should lose their jobs and be held accountable.....

In case you hadn't noticed......^^^^^JOKE OF THE DAY^^^^^^

Anonymous said...


Whenever you enable and allow INCOMPETENCE to flourish, the results will always be FAILURE.

For that reason, wise and prudent people insist on private groups and individuals to provide services at their own risk. Those who are capable will succeed, earn a good reputation, and be rewarded. Those who are incapable will fail, earn a bad reputation, and be scorned.

The city of KCMO enables and allows INCOMPETENCE to flourish, resulting in a repetitive pattern of FAILURE.

Anonymous said...

These people should absolutely lose their jobs. They allowed the show to go on knowing they did not have the cash. Anyone else knowingly bounces a check, they go to jail. This is worse than bouncing a $20 check at Walmart. They've embarrassed the city (if that's even possible at this point) and have also demonstrated a lack of competence, responsibility, honesty and integrity.

Anonymous said...

The woman in charge with a half dozen names and the seemingly large IQ.......she (in the video) blames it on the crowds and the weather.....What follows is an actual translation of her answer:

"None of us employed in this pretend museum have ever had a real job or balanced a checkbook. We've always been on the take, or somehow on the receiving end or playing a victim. Not a single soul at the museum actually puts in a full work day, and the only effort seems to come from my fellow grifters with their hands out. The word, 'BUDGET' has never been in our vocabulary" and geez, stop expecting SO much for your lousy 100 million. None of us know how to plan anything except a hair salon appointment."

Before AND after this interview, she held out her hand and the city put more money in it.

None of these people obviously have had real jobs. Fire these grifters immediately, they're sucking the city dry. Either hire competent people to run this or shut it the fuck down. Would 100 million hire a few more cops?

Anonymous said...

Cheptoo, you fucking blew it girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

If KCMO fired all the incompetent unaccountable grifters it regularly funds, there would be thousands of vacant offices, maybe even entire office buildings.
And it all starts at the top with Sly and the gang.
"You expect what you inspect" is a pretty basic management concept and you would think with the many millions flowing out the door at city hall, the folks elected to look out for the interests of the taxpayer would hold these operations accountable for results.
Of course, you would be wrong.
Look at the millions spent on "anti-crime" programs and the "results".
Most of the money simply disappears into thin air and the same people come back over and over again to fill up the pot.
This latest is pitiful, sad, disappointing, and infuriating for taxpayers, but in the end it's just the same old nonsense that happens every day.

Hyperblogal said...

What's the seven million the council included in the budget for the Jazz District being used for? If this is the competence level of the district, perhaps it's time to revisit that "donation."

Anonymous said...

Probably half was stolen and half was just wasted through incompetence. But they're black so it's ok, and to be expected.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Escalades

Anonymous said...

Hell, doesn't the Power and Light Distirct still loose money? If the city cannot make that work they have no business running anything.

Anonymous said...

KCMO is like a teenager at the mall with a limitless credit card. But it's gonna bite when the bill comes due.