Friday, July 21, 2017

Kansas City Friday Afternoon Link Pool

Hottie Leanne and all these Kansas City links worth a peek right now . . . Dive right in:

Kansas City Tesla Infrastructure???

Could Elon Musk's tweet about East Coast Hyperloop accelerate KC-St. Louis plans? - Kansas City Business Journal

Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that he had "verbal" approval to build a high-speed tunnel transportation system - a Hyperloop - along the East Coast. The Wall Street Journal reports that details remain vague about where the approval came from, when it would be built or how much it would cost.

More Downtown Taxes Coming Soon

KC convention hotel developers seek new lease deal to reduce potential income taxes

A potential federal income tax issue has prompted developers of the planned Kansas City Convention Center hotel to request a two-part lease arrangement. KC Hotel Developers LLC is asking the city's Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority to lease the future hotel tower to the developers but lease the hotel's meeting rooms and parking garage to the Kansas City Convention Center Headquarters Hotel Community Improvement District.

Show-Me Misery

Missouri Is One of the Worst States to Live in This Year

click to enlarge We love to brag about our city, whether it's praise for our frozen custard, appreciation for our parks or a news flash about our red-hot real estate market. But no place is perfect - and, according to a recent study, our home state leaves much to be desired.

Sunflower State Security Breach

Hack of Kansas Commerce Department accesses 5.5M Social Security numbers - Kansas City Business Journal

A Kansas Department of Commerce data system was hacked in March, revealing Social Security numbers in 10 states and exposing the agency to the cost of credit monitoring for all the victims. KCUR reports that it obtained the information through an open records request, which revealed that more than 500,000 of the Social Security numbers belong to Kansans.

Locals Aren't Using Gun Locks

Boy, 10, accidentally shoots himself in leg at KC home

Kansas City police are investigating after a 10-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the leg at a house early Friday.

Local Muralist Celebration

José Faus on KCK's diverse, historic murals, plus a visual tour

"There is this great thing that happens when people come to see the mural. People are driving by and they get such joy that people are coming to see something there."

Kansas City Sausage Fest

Teaching Kansas Citians To Make Sausage Warms Jimmy Spradlin's 'Little Butcher's Heart'

On a busy Sunday afternoon in Kansas City's East Bottoms, there are people lunching at picnic tables on a gravel lot outside of the Local Pig. Inside, just behind the deli counter, there's a huge butcher's block, where chefs and amateurs alike have gathered for a crash course.

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Anonymous said...

As you would expect of any organization that is related to NBC, the criteria used to rate states as good/bad to live in are biased left. Missouri did not expand Medicaid, so it's marked down for that - but if it discourages those who are dependent on government largess from moving to the state, most of us would give that a plus not a minus. Missouri is also tagged for not having a lay/lesbo discrimination law; which is OK with the vast majority of Missourians. All in all, I'd say #5 on the unlivable scale is pretty good, but with some hard work, Missourians may be able to move up to #4 or even #3 by next year. Let's work together on this!

Welcome to Kansas Shitty said...

some speedy transportation from KC to StL would be great!

I-70 sucks, and the passenger train to there pulls over and waits for freight trains to pass by.

yep...i'd pay even MORE taxes ..which I'm sure will be involved.

Anonymous said...

A hyperloop from KC to St Louis?
This in a state that can't fund education or even raise enough revenue to come close to fixing the highway system it already has?
Greitens just cut the state budget by around $500 million.
How about some folks who actually work to make things work instead of the endless parade of dreamers and self-serving "developers" who offer no end to grandiose and completely impractical projects, and all at other people's expense?
This sounds like another opportunity created for some consultants to get paid around $500K to study it.
A champagne taste on a cheap beer budget.