Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kansas City Fears Obamacare Repeal?!?!

Biz focused look at the consequences of political slap-fighting and the lack of a decent plant. Checkit:

Health reform watchers in KC: Congress' process is 'just unnerving' - Kansas City Business Journal

Even though the U.S. Senate agreed to vote on a health care bill, Kansas City health care companies still are wondering what's next. The U.S. Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to open discussion about an Affordable Care Act repeal bill. What the final product will look like? It's anyone's guess.


Anonymous said...

They should be unnerved, the dems ran this healthcare bill down everyone's throats with NO input from the republicans and now it's broke. The republicans have screwed up by not having a good replacement ready, but, now, the best thing to do is let obamacare die or repeal it.

But, whichever way it goes, the republicans need to start becoming more vocal and blame the democrats for a shitty bill in the first place. Trump is doing the right thing on this now....telling everyone that this is not on him, it's on the democrats, as it should be.

What the dems want is more taxpayer money to make this healthcare work and that means more taxes folks, so beware!!!

Anonymous said...

Other than Medicare, which will be hard to separate from federal overlordship, just get the federal government out of the health care business. Lay off the federal Obamacare bureaucracy give block grants to the states. Let them figure out how to see that their residents have access to health care. They might just come up with some fresh ideas that would never have seen the light of day in the Swamp.

Anonymous said...

6:47 & 7:11 amen brothers!

Anonymous said...

Ya,real talk my niggers, all of you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Libtard pissants always fear exactly what they are directed to fear via party channels. Nothing profound about the boons and their panderers working up an angle for more hand outs.