Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kansas City Faith Blogging LGBT Progress

On the subject of changing views within some American belief systems. Take a look:

The LGBTQ tide keeps turning: 7-15/16-17

The Rev. Eugene Peterson (pictured here) is best known as the creator of The Message, a terrific paraphrase of the Bible. But he's also been a long-time Presbyterian pastor and teacher. Over the years, Peterson has been careful about jumping...


chuck said...

I don't know what type of TAX EXEMPT status Billy Tammy operates under, but, I imagine, that his income is NOT taxed.

He is a political blogger and apparatchik who should suffer under the same conditions we all suffer under, when it comes to paying income taxes.

He should NOT be tax exempt, he is a political blogger who rarely if ever dwells on ANY ecclesiastical messages that do not contain a political position that he wants us all to adhere to.

It is a sham, which disingenuously pretends to hand down the WORD OF GOD with respect to politics.

Billy, who has Jesus on speed dial and would have you believe he lives under the 'burning bush', is a political hack for the Progressive Left, who would have the naive, believe that God voted for Hillary and Maxine Waters, supports Black Lies Matter and never misses Ru Paul's tv show.


Anonymous said...

^^^ +1,000

Anonymous said...

Bill Tammeus is not, I repeat, NOT, my religious leader. He writes for profit, not as a prophet. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ not Bill Tammeus.
You'd swear that he was trying to be a poor version of Bishop Sheen.
If he came to my home I'd tell him to go away like I do the Jehovah's Witness folks.