Monday, July 10, 2017

Kansas City Dead-Tree Media Touts ANOTHER Toy Train Streetcar Development Scheme

A streetcar to NOWHERE and even more luxury living space near Downtown Kansas City earns obligatory endorsement by a desperate newspaper fighting to earn their tax breaks. Take a look:

Editorial: At long last, Kansas City embraces its neglected riverfront

One of the Kansas City area's most sprawling and significant assets is on the verge of coming into its own. Finally, our long neglected riverfront is blossoming, promising to become a bustling destination for condo dwellers, shoppers and people who simply want to enjoy the walking paths and other outdoor amenities that now sit along the Missouri River.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY! The murderers will have someplace nice to dump the bodies.

Hyperblogal said...

The examples of soon to be and forecast to be architecture by the river are, at best, uninspiring. Buildings looking like roadside motels are hardly a tribute to the City's riverfront. Is there no imagination left among the designers?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the Star's buy/lease back option for their building?
With their never-ending PR flacking for Sly and the gang, maybe they can all fit in Horsley's office at city hall.
And the comment about the "quality" of the architecture and buildings (mostly subsidized) going up around the city is right on the money. Most of them have all the attractiveness of piles of shipping containers.
And in five years will be poorly-maintained blights on their neighborhoods and need more "help from the public" to pay their bills.
Real progress!

agentzero said...

Tif money, crap design, rising rent rates. Who does this serve. Facade and posturing- this is not how the greats did it