Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kansas City Data Reveals How Voters Are Systematically Ignored In Each Council District

Just a bit of "Democracy Theater" from the gang @ 12th & Oak who do just about whatever they want . . . " KCMO's Data-Driven Approach to Communicating with Residents

By: Alyssa Dinberg and Dillon Wood, Cookingham-Noll Management Fellows, Office of the City Manager When was the last time you checked out Yelp for reviews on the hottest, new restaurants? How about the last time you followed a company on Twitter to get updates on their products?


Anonymous said...

Missing is any mention of the almost daily mailings the city sends out to try to trick voters into supporting their latest scam for more taxes and money.
The recent GO bond issue is a perfect example.
And, sadly, it's also a perfect example of the spin, misinformation, and outright falsehoods that regularly issue forth from city hall.
It doesn't make much difference HOW the crap comes your way.
It's still just PR fluff and mostly lies.

Anonymous said...

311 is a big joke, they can't even give you the right information, just another example of mismanagement that is a microcosm that is rampant through out the city. Lie to the citizens and move on