Friday, July 28, 2017


Activist Alonzo Washington is Kansas City's top ranking citizen crime fighter and now his work to take his message to social media has proven exceptionally successful.

Two things are important about this effort . . .

He has garnered his following without much help from mainstream media.

Even better . . .

Mr. Washington's popularity has garnered a great many EXCLUSIVE tips, helped raise awareness about local crime and strengthened his network of contacts who help encourage locals to cooperate with police.

Let's add up the totals and link so that our blog community can follow along:

KC Crimefighter: 5,000 Friends & 1,384 Followers
Alonzo Washington on FB: 2,239 Friends & 565 Folllowers
Twitter: 1,711
Instagram: 519

Put these numbers alongside KC Nova, KC Mothers In Charge or Aim4Peace and Mr. Washington eclipses these far less effective taxpayer funded efforts on social media.

When we talk about the future of crime fighting and reaching out to communities to help support police . . . There is no denying that Mr. Washington has been successful in his online no-holds-barred fight against crime and that effectiveness must be respected.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

KC Nova has been a waste.

Maybe the biggest one of all. This program needs to at least face come major restructuring.

Anonymous said...

Mothers in charge is just an anti-gun group. That is the only message they are consistently sharing. They're not trying to fight crime. They're just trying to recruit more inner city support against the 2nd Amendment.

GKC said...

There have been some good and sincere people in aim4peace but the budget is out of control. Always has been.

Anonymous said...

Alonzo is the best detective in the world. Better than Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys combined!

Anonymous said...

Well that's great, but nobody here is looking to praise any magical negroes this morning. Just going by his color he's part of the problem, not part of any possible final solution.

Anonymous said...

Omg check out his IG. Lol, lol.

Anonymous said...

The"anti-crime" nonprofits are a joke.
Who cares about "how sincere" people are?
And what are the actual qualifications of any of these folks?
Most of all, look at the results.
Ad Hoc has been around since 1977. Any reduction in violence and crime?
Mothers in Charge is simply another unaccountable way for a handful of people to make a living off the taxpayers.
Aim4Peace has been around for almost a decade and shown NO IMPACT. And the program started in Chicago, of all places. Hardly the crime-reduction capital of the country.
NoVa is the invention of a professor at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice and is fatally flawed in even its most basic concept. And it wasn't that long ago that the Star and other local media were all ga ga about the notion that KCMO had finally found the real solution to its violence and homicide problems.
Still in mid-July 2017 there have been over 82 murders.
Sly and the gang continue to believe they an contract out their responsibilities. They cannot.
And east side "leaders" continue to discourage residents from working with the police and try to place blame on everyone other than the actual perpetrators. That, too, is a failure.
Maybe Sly and Alonzo should get together and walk door-to-door.
That couldn't possibly be any LESS effective than what's being done now.

Anonymous said...

^^6:57 -
Absolutely Well said!
AH, MIC, A4P, are a total ruse on taxpayer funds and a waste of time.

chuck said...

He looks like fuckin Isaac Hayes.


Who's the cat that won't cop out,
when there's murder all about?


Your damn right!

You see this cat Shaftzo is a bad (Shut yo mouth!)
But I'm talking 'bout Shaftzo (Then we can dig it!)
He's a complicated man and no one understands him but this Blogger.

By Tony Botello.

Anonymous said...

Most of Alonzo's followers are bill collectors. The others are there just to be amused by his stupidity.

Silverback Sly said...

How much does an unemployed crime fighter make?

Anonymous said...

His cartoon drawings are terrible, A policemen friend of mine said they were given stacks of Alonzo's anti-crime cartoons to give out to the black kids.

He said more then half of them they threw away. lol

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought Tony might recover he comes out with more of this Blonzo Washmachin bullshit~!!! I guess when you blow your credibility chasing Jackyl da Ripper there is no one you wont get in front of and drop to your knees.

Anonymous said...

Chuck---Please don't insult the late Isaac Hayes. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

Yeah until Alonzo shows up on a KC eastside homicide scene and calls out his own race for the violent behavior they reek on our city then he will have my attention. He rants about the media and police being racist yet he won't call out fellow blacks for all this violent crime they do around here.

Retro ROCKER said...

Alonzo,meet with the gangs and it's members and tell them to stop shooting at each outher. You know many of the shootings,are gang related.Find out how many of the shooting victims are in gangs .Three o'clock in the morning you are shot. What are you doing out at that time. And these mothers marching was there children part of the gangs or drug dealing, .

Anonymous said...

Right friends. Fans! And what gets accomplished?


Anonymous said...

Even Botello's brainwashed on this shit.


Isaac Hayes said...

Fuck You chuck

Anonymous said...

With one born every minute, he has many more potential followers. He is the lemming at the front of the line with the cliff right ahead.

New not-for-profit crime fighting group, Aim-4-Teeth. Sponsor Smith & Wesson.

Anonymous said...

Laugh as U need on Ur way to work alot of non-profits are counting $ with smirks..sorry ass whites are banking on the perks..observerved a murder march sponsored by Nation of Islam.. Ur being jerked..thats how it works!