Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kansas City Conservatives Sue Missouri Politicos Over Sunshine Law

Local newsmaker legal action . . .

“We are disappointed that Auditor Galloway and Senator Schaaf have not produced the public records that MAF (Missouri Alliance for Freedom) requested,” said Eddie Greim of the Kansas City-based Graves Garrett law firm. “We always prefer to avoid litigation if possible, but we are confident that MAF will succeed and its right to review the requested public documents will be vindicated.”

The Kansas City-based group says it favors limited government, which means citizens must be able to access public documents to oversee what the government is doing.

GOP-leaning group files open records lawsuit against Missouri auditor, senator

JEFFERSON CITY * A Republican-leaning nonprofit is suing Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway and a senator from St. Joseph over alleged violations of the state's open records law. In two lawsuits filed in Cole County Circuit Court, Missouri Alliance for Freedom is alleging that Galloway, a Democrat, has not turned over emails that are public records under the Sunshine Law.


Anonymous said...

So what, who cares, what's the big deal, this crap happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Todd Graves should reveal his report on crimes at the Jackson County Jail that will protect his friend Mike Sanders from any responsibility for the Jail administration.

Graves should also reveal why he was removed as U.S. Attorney.

Anonymous said...

I have asked under the sunshine law for several statistics and information to show disparity for American Indian businesses and to make comparisons on what the city defines as "all inclusive" and "diverse" if it doesn't include ALL races and have simply been ignored by Yelder at the City's HR. So this is nothing new with the exception that they have chosen to deny an organization that has the money to kick them in the ass and force them to follow the law.