Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kansas City Congressman Cleaver Stands Against Student Loan Debt

The latest note from Kansas City's top politico in D.C. -

Turner Report - Rep. Cleaver: Student debt is a growing problem

Student loan debt has been such a growing problem that I feel it may become just as paralyzing and damaging to the economy as the mortgage debt crisis in 2008. The total debt has surpassed $1.4 trillion dollars with millions of Americans continuing to struggle to pay their student loans.

I’ve spoken with students who tell me they have difficulty moving forward in life because they are burdened with overwhelming student loan debt.

It’s time address this issue and find solutions to ease the burden and make college more affordable.

The federal government should continue to incentivize loan repayment as an employee benefit and utilize the tax code to further expand this benefit.

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Anonymous said...

As with any issue or idea, there's always someone who's the last to know.
Why does it always have to be this guy?

Silverback Sly said...

Of course he is for people who dont pay their bills

Anonymous said...

I was raised to pay my bills and don't borrow more than I could handle, I'm curious to know how and why these kids qualify for all this money they can't pay back. I get that college is expensive but why is everyone expecting a handout?

Anonymous said...

Cleaver rather ambivalent about debt repayment? What a surprise!

Anonymous said...

He stood against mortgage debt back in 2008 just before the world collapsed. The fix is really simple. If you don't have the money or a plan to pay it back don't take on the debt. You can put off going to college and bitching about being a victim when you get a job and can pay for your schooling. Problem Solved!!!

Anonymous said...

Deciever CLEAVER DEMOCRAT is an idiotic moron ! Hell , he outta go the community college in the hood a learn how to run a Boyz CHIMP bangers inner city youth scholar's hood rats car wash ¡! Mi

Anonymous said...

^^^^ that's funny right there!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I "worked our way" through college. It is amazing that in the 1970's, with little or no help, we could do it. Now everybody is subsidized, and college costs a fortune. I think I like the old fashioned way of starving to death and working your ass off for a little while.

Super Dave said...

I agree with what 8:11 is saying because I did it myself as well. Sure it was hard and took about two more years to do but people like us did it with no helping handouts at all.

Cleaver why don't you worry about paying your own bills before preaching about others who are not and won't either.

Anonymous said...

I think that we need more affordable college options in this country. Not every school needs to have a football team and a manicured campus. Let's think outside the box and look at solutions instead of just complaining about not paying loans.

Anonymous said...

Democrats -- the party of "mo' free stuff"!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, two to three decades ago, working full time simultaneous to attending college part time year round was common for many of us. At about 24 yrs. old, most had achieved the degree with very little to no Student Loan debt. Vets earned FREE higher ed bennies. Everyone else should contribute for their college costs by full payment, work studies plans, merit scholarships, sensible loans,or combinations thereof.

Anonymous said...

biggest mistake I made was taking a student loan. It's almost always a bad idea. Don't do it. For those who did, no one made you do it. Your on the hook for something you agreed to.

Anonymous said...

What we need are schools that have a little bang for the buck. There is just too much of this bullshit of preaching that colleges provide you with an open minded perspective and a liberal education. What we need are colleges teach something that pays off and a huge portion of the curriculum today just doesn't. Either get relevant or get the fuck out and stop the damn charade that just keeps recycling left wing career college instructors.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Cleaver stand up against cancer at the Bannister Weapons plant? 150 dead from occupational enclosure to beryllium that Rep Cleaver swept under the rug.

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