Friday, July 07, 2017

Kansas City Comic Of The Year @ Standfords

PROMO note from our pal Craig about his efforts to encourage local talent . . .

KC's Comic Of The Year At Stanfords: Richard Montano

Richard Montano is fast on the rise to comedy fame and maybe fortune. Montano has been so hot with comedy and new show, 'These Two Idiots" that he had to leave his regular job to tour and just do stand up comedy. Montano brings some of his shows co stars to the stage at Stanfords this weekend to make the evening a hit. Richard has co starred with the big boys he wants to become, Dave Coulier, Jim Jefferies and Colin Kane, to name a few.

Montano has headed up the new Kansas City Comedy Fest for this fall, a first. Much of his humor is based on losing nearly 150 pounds of weight in just one year! We used to say he is Kansas Cities version of 'Tony Soprano' but he is getting to slim to make that jump now. He talks about his long marriage and life at home, growing up a bad boy and he just lights up the stage with his presence and comedy.

See Richard and another new female star April Biggerstaff this weekend at Stanfords at the Legends. For tickets call 913 400 7500 or go online to Have a nice weekend and stay cool.