Monday, July 10, 2017

Kansas City Bittersweet Foodie News

Call this an appetizer for more content on the way, here's an important look at the Kansas City foodie scene this Summer . . .

Kansas City Loves Icing

Why Kansas City Is America's Cinnamon Roll Capital

Known for its BBQ, KC quietly owns the breakfast treat. Tell anyone you're headed to Kansas City, and their reaction will likely be, "Get ready to eat so much barbecue." The Midwestern city, which straddles the Kansas and Missouri border, is home to many notable temples of meat.

Cold-Blooded Family Drama Served Up

Blue Springs man found dead in freezer had filed protection order against alleged killer

The victim of a brutal murder in Blue Springs had filed an order of protection against his alleged killer, court documents show. Harvey C. Baldwin, who was found dead in a freezer June 30, filed a request for an order of protection against his grandson, Tyreik Baldwin, in November.

Celebrate Midtown Tacos

TikiTaco Opens on 39th Street, Serving Up Late-Night Street Tacos

Every day is Taco Tuesday. That's the slogan for the smallest restaurant spot on 39th Street, which is now serving beach tacos to big lines of hungry customers from morning until late night. TikiTaco opened in June and almost immediately a line started to form on the sidewalk outside the small walk-up window with a thatched roof awning on 39th Street.

Developing . . .


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This is the time in TKC where we juxtapose.

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How about letting the old man RIP

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Damn that cinnamon roll looks good

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@6:32 Lighten-up Francis.

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