Kansas City Bike Projects Stay Losing

Quick look at some old-fashioned hipster complaining from our pals @ The Pitch:

As bike projects languish, bike advocates search for a new path

Last we checked on Kansas City's perpetual and so far ill-fated quest to paint bike lanes on a handful of city streets, the potential for new bike facilities abounded.


  1. fuck the bike riders

  2. Fuck them take your chances like everyone else you fucking pussies.

  3. Never, ever, ever does the Peeyotch even mention the constant problem of walkers being hurt by bicyclists in this town! The Trolley Trail is an ongoing hazard for pedestrians, as the self-entitled Bike Nazis speed along at a pace far above anything they could possibly control. I have recently witnessed a woman pushing stroller being run off the path by one of these asswipes! Seeing the sanctimonious creeps from "Ride/Walk KC" spouting their crap on TV about how this town isn't "bike friendly" enough is enough to gag a maggot! Bicycles are vehicles - vehicles are prohibited on Trails - get your selfish two-wheeled asses out onto the streets!


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