Friday, July 14, 2017

Kansas City Afternoon News Link Workout

The many faces of Instagram hottie Mel D. inspire this afternoon compilation and all the appropriate Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

Kansas City Supports The Troops

Veterans Group Teaches Holistic Treatment For PTSD, And Digital Inclusion In Kansas City

For many veterans battles don't end overseas; sometimes they follow you home. A Kansas City group is helping veterans and first responders recover from post-traumatic stress with holistic methods including meditation, yoga and a paleo diet.

Northland Pipes Stay Winning

Sewers have Northland flush with opportunity for retail development - Kansas City Business Journal

New sewers - and the 20,000 new homes expected to follow them - have retail developers fighting for a piece of Kansas City's Twin Creeks area. Retail follows rooftops, and rooftops follow sewers.

Tech To Find KCMO Potholes???

Smart City tech enables KCMO to predict potholes before they happen

That is if Kansas City chief innovation officer Bob Bennett's enthusiasm for a new pothole technology is any indication. This month, the City of Kansas City, Mo. will pilot a machine learning program that will predict potholes before they occur, saving the city thousands of dollars.

All Aboard The Boobie Bus, KC!!!

Mobile mammography rolls into Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police and Komen Kansas City are teaming up to bring mobile mammography services to women in the metro. The 40-foot mobile clinic opened to the public on Friday morning, and will at the regional police academy between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday.

JoPo: The Royals Are Buyers!!!

7 things to look forward to in second half

To the Cubs and White Sox, we say thank you. Just when things were starting to get quiet, you tossed that little firecracker of a trade through the window Thursday morning: White Sox lefty Jose Quintana to the Cubs for a passel of prospects.

Unlikely Local Hobo Data

Latest study shows Kansas City homelessness in decline

New numbers show Kansas City's homeless population is dropping. The Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness released its 2017 report that indicates the number of people living on the streets has gone down by nine percent since the previous report. The report also shows a steady decline in homelessness since 2015.

The World According To McTavish

6 Recycled Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Everyone should recycle as much as they can. That goes double this weekend, with recycled but still raring to go entertainments and events that include reimagined musicals, repackaged Top-40 hits and repurposed finds for the out-of-control vintage collector (a.k.a. packrat). Why throw something away when it can be used over again?

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Anonymous said...

Why don't they use that fancy new "tech" to fix the ones we already have???

Anonymous said...

"Veterans Group Teaches Holistic Treatment For PTSD, And Digital Inclusion In Kansas City"

If they want to fix PTSD they need to allow those vets to see real doctors instead of those fake ass flunky failed psychologists at the VA. many of those mother fuckers are ten times more fucked in the head and nuts than anyone they work with as patients. If they could get a real staff position anywhere they would likely not be at the VA. If you do backgrounds on the fake shrinks you will see many landed at the VA after a long history with issues in the past, in the real world, involving patient complaints, ethics, integrity issues, board actions, civil actions, failed practices, disciplinary issues, falsification of patient records and/or more. The VA is a fail in the head shrinking department.

Anonymous said...

Homeless are like birds, it gets hot they head north. See Ya this fall o our way to Texas.