Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jackson County Jail Now Hiring

Here's a courthouse gambit that's not gonna work:

Editorial: Help wanted at the Jackson County jail

A recent push by officials to fill guard positions at the troubled Jackson County Detention Center is paying off with a flurry of applications. Hiring a handful of corrections officers won't alter what has become and entrenched and toxic culture at the jail. But it's a start.


Super Dave said...

i really doubt you could pay me enough to work in that dump.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Smart move.

Anonymous said...

fuck the jackson county jail

Anonymous said...

You can make a lot of money smuggling cell phones and drugs into the jail. Great career move for a begro.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if The Star bothered to have a reporter at the county meeting last week. I read about it in the Independence paper. Frank White called an inmate's rape "old news," and I was shocked by the lack of outrage. Image a "leader" so casually dismissing someone being raped as "old news." Everyone's attitude seems to be that because the victim was being held in jail it isn't outrageous he said that. Deplorable.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the job posting for a Deputy Director? So, instead of firing the incompetent Director, they are going to give him more staff. Unbelievable.

Retro ROCKER said...


Anonymous said...


Wanna work in a historic Jail ?????

Were looking for CAREER minded individuals

If your a Drug Dealer, Rapist, Drug user, Armed robbery suspect, Child molestor, Car thief, General scumbag Degenerate low life

APPLY within at the JACKSON County Jail

We want career minded individuals