Monday, July 24, 2017

Is Kansas City Fringe Already A FAIL???

This celebration of local alternative artists has it's heart in the right place but still hasn't taken hold of a bigger audience beyond some of the most dedicated hipsters. More on this later, maybe but for now check this more optimistic take:

Solo Shakespeare and a revealing medical story: Getting started at KC's 2017 Fringe

Photo by Tisse Mallon The art of political spin, the massaging of public opinion, the ruthless machinations of a leader's administration - these things predate our era by hundreds of years.


Anonymous said...

It's a FAIL because the artists may be alternative, but have zero talent. Even all the queers and lesbians know that. If the queers and lesbians know it, real people knew it a long time ago. No interest.

Anonymous said...

It's a FAIL because if you are an artists you have to pay to be a part of it. Therefore the artists make no money, which equal fail. One of the many goals to being an artist is actually making money. If you are not making money being an artist you are forced to go out and do something else that makes money, or you are a trust fund kid. A lot of trust fund kids do become artists temporarily but they never have the ability to persevere.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a quick rename to the Ferengi Festival?

Tracy Thomas said...

The artists/actors do receive a portion of the gate revenue.

And isn't "dead"--there's alot of good talent. One of last year's acts made it into Cirque du Soleil. And it's a great $10 date.

Last year I went to 13 Fringe events. This year, I have 8 tix already, but then I've decided to double up three times this week, and see two plays per night or day--it goes thru Sunday.I see plays, but there is some great music as well, including bluegrass. And dance. Maybe Tony will show up in tights. It could happen.

FringeFest is my summer Staycation--around $10 per ticket ($9 if you buy a bundle of 10 shows). They're an hour long.

If you're a follower, who doesn't plow thru the sensational 70 page program, but just wants to see the Best of the Best, one way to do it is just at least go to a few, this Sunday. The highest attended event at each of the 16 venues wins a final performance on Sunday. The details are all online.

In the past I've gone to True/False Film Festival in Columbia, but that has gotten kinda Burning Manned oversold and frenzied that it's alot of waiting in line, and not getting to see the films on my list because rich folks buy the best tix beforehand.

So I am enjoying Fringe Fest. My picks this year include many folks telling true stories of their lives. Plus, local playwright of note, and famed SM Schools drama teacher Phil Kinen presented the third of his five cycle series of plays about what might have happened after Huckleberry Finn grew up. Hangs out with Peter Pan. Meets his bastard son, that sort of thing. This year's play involves a hot air balloon, being shot at by Apaches and hanging out with Indian Joe again.

This might be too cerebral for TKC readers, but I'll tell you a little secret. The theory explored in these Phil Kinen dramas is the Puer Aeternus concept advanced by Karl Jung.

About boys who never grow up. Many TKC anonymous trolls would fit that category.

And then in early November, of course Joco hosts the Ks. Intl. Film Festival. They bring in producers from around the world.

Now here's a good deal--when you buy your $5 button to go to your first FringeFest event, you can use that button all year for free small popcorn at the Glenwood Arts and the Rio. So if you go to the movies once a week, as I do, just that one perk alone is worth $210.
KC is a super theatre town.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you are so beautiful and sexy.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a lap dance?

Tracy Thomas said...

No from me, ever, 10:22. But you would enjoy Dirty Birdie Story Hour, at Outburst Studio, 8pm Wed, 9:30pm Thurs and Fri and 11pm Sat.

1715 Wyandotte.
Presenter is Susanna Lee, aka Lucky DeLuxe, who is the late Jay Cooper's daughter! He was Dick and Jay DJ on famous KY102.) (Susanna once worked for me promoting a children's game, Habitatigan.

Dirty Bitdie Story Hour is a storytelling celebration fof the experiences we have outside the box. True stories, all themed around deviance of any kind, not just sexual. Share your darkest secrets. Audience members are invited onstage to share quick tales of their own deviant experiences.

Right up your alley,. 10:22.