Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Amid a historic murder spike, this week one of the best community newspapers offers solutions beyond rhetoric or rage.

Northeast News takes on the Kansas City killing machine in no uncertain terms.

But rather than delve into weak sociology or rhetorical excuses for so much local murder, the editorial offers a practical solution.


Northeast News: "Its high time that worthless social experiment called NoVA is disbanded. That’s over 150 sworn officers that can be making a difference on the streets of this Cowtown instead of being used as tools by the prosecutor and her cronies . . . Remember what Mean Jean said on the rollout of NoVA, that it would be at least a year before any cognitive results could be shown. That year has come and gone many times and the results are as abysmal as they ever were . . ."

Read the editorial in its entirety.

As the deadly Summer moves forward, locals need to hold elected officials accountable for their promises and this might be the best place to start.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

don't forget about Aim4Peace.

Jameson said...

I think the end quote from his column is what needs to be highlighted. We have to think about more arrests, more prosecutions and a real crackdown on criminals in KC. Without that, all we're going to see is more crime and violence escalating further out of control.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on what you view as the purpose of these organizations. If you view their purpose as being to minimize or prevent crime you are naive. If you view their purpose as to distribute the fruits of graft and literally paying off political friends you are correct.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner said...


Nailed it, it's corruption at its core. Never meant to stop crime.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of it. It a waste of money and resources and hasn't accomplished anything. Get rid of Jean Petersucker Baker too, she is worthless.

Anonymous said...


What do you mean, WE?

WE have told you exactly what (group of people) the cause is.

WE have told you why.

WE have told you there is no humane solution (oh well, we're not dealing with humans here anyway).

What's this WE stuff? The only one who is unwilling to address the issue honestly and truthfully is YOU.

Anonymous said...

But how will all those black grifters make their Escalade payments?

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, they need to get it stopped. If they refuse, then the people will have to look out for their-selves with their own weapons.

This is also something that is out of hand, and I'm sick of criminals telling me where I can and can't go in the city because of crime!

Anonymous said...

All these groups need to shout the truth out to the folks in their community *** "Momma's you know your sons have illegal guns, you know your son's are committing crimes and destroying lives. It's time to turn the guns in!!

These useless groups need to focus on the root cause of the killings...thugs committing crimes and killing folks.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows, fuck with NOVA you'll get destroyed.

Anonymous said...

7:50 hits the nail on the head, these people were originally hired by the cleave to drum up votes for his re-elections, it is completely payback to his dedicated followers for their helping him

KC 4 Donald said...

I don't think anybody us scared of NoVa. Isn't this the same group those women were yelling at when they embarrassed Jean Peters Baker during her press conference?

Anonymous said...

Long past the time to disband this group that is so amazingly ineffective. It was, and may still be, a political springboard for any number of people. Reallocate the KCPD officers and commanders to where they will actually be doing police work. Send the social workers on their way, too. Get back to basics, walking the beat, talking with people, knowing who the players are in your area. That's how this job should be done.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, we don't need more cops when Moms and Pops know who the thugs are that are killing the folks in their community. It's time to be real.

The folks in the hood know who does the killin' and committing the crimes. Just ask the barbers, the ministers, the Mom's and Dad's who's selling the drugs and running the streets.

Please, stop with the distractions of more cops, more monies for useless groups.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need to stop the killing? It's mostly just hood rats doing the dying. By all means, let everything continue as is. I hope we get to 500 murders.

Anonymous said...


The "Communist " Liberal agenda is all about stealing Tax Dollars and giving it to Phony Bogus Groups that do nothing or don't actually exist.

Its all part of that O'bamas Redistribution of Wealth that those Democratic Communist Liberals believe in and that is their Secret Agenda , realize that, its YOUR TAX DOLLARS their stealing and giving away to Phony Bogus groups !!

Their secret agenda is to Bankrupt cities, states and the US, to Destroy it, in hopes of what ???? they don't even know.

The Degenerate Liberals are all about raising TAXES to on everything & everybody, you'll notice to supposedly fund all kinds of insane stupid bullshit - leaving YOU with less money in your paycheck.

The Democratic Liberals agenda is HIGH CRIME, Soft on Criminals and RAISE TAXES to supposedly fight the Crime they import & concoct .

Its like pouring gas on a fire then yelling for a fire truck, only the truck is BROKE DOWN because the liberals don't know how to fix it and stole all the money to fix it, and wanna blame everybody else, when they are the ones that caused the problems to begin with !!!!

Typical Commie Degenerate Liberal Cockroaches, and they wonder why they lost and keep losing !!

Everybody see's just what pathetic slime & cockroaches they are now !

meanwhile, they just keep STEALING YOUR MONEY with all kinds of bullshit excuses, rhetoric, frauds !!

Anonymous said...

You're preaching to the Choir pal. The liberals are worried the country has taken a hard left turn at the red light and they lost control of the wheel in DC. The crops are rotting in the fields and lot of commotion going on in the heartland. It's true the liberals have no plan and the tankies haven't accomplished anything since they jumped over the Berlin Wall 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...


We've got to start "Beating the Drum" on funding these phony bullshit groups that are a "FRAUD to the Tax Paying citizens" of this community !

So Far TONY of TONYS KC is the only one who's been bringing it up & pointing it out thru the years.

Theres just too much TAX Dollars goin to fund those groups "supposedly" ??? who the hell really knows if and where that MONEY is really going ?????????????????????

Notice there doesn't seem to be much of an AUDIT or any real accountability ????

Nobody seems to really be FOLLOWING the MONEY to see where it truly goes and for what ????

other than what the "Politico' Bank Robbers" wanna tell us.

So far from what we've all seen & witnessed, they've been poring MONEY / TAX DOLLARS in an "OPEN PIT FIRE" with NO Real true actual Results ~ !!!

Then again when we have a SOFT ON CRIME Prosecutor , like Jean Peters Baker , who seems to Cater & Pander to Criminals and slap the faces of the Victims,,, makes ya wonder just where is the MONEY really going ??????

Its High Time to start following the MONEY !!!

My Hunch is, that many of the Politico's will start running for cover and hiding when its EXPOSED whats really goin on, and they'll attempt to surpress information and put out more phony bogus information to cover up their massive FRAUD Campaign !!!

How much ya wanna bet ?????

Anonymous said...

All the non profit (bullshit) organization in the world will have no effect on crime or homicide until someone forces changes to the boon culture and values. Since you are racist for expecting the one failing group to meet the minimum standards of humanity the game is already lost.

Just amazing that in over 400 years, of all the millions of people and diverse groups in America, there is one culture that will not assimilate into a civil society. Even more amazing are the warped fucks who continue to rationalize their values and behavior as legitimate. If 25 percent of the Caucasian male population were convicted felons the nation would declare a crisis. When we have 25 percent of the black male population as convicted felons it is written off as being just a black thing. How pathetic that Americans have tolerated this mindset.

Anonymous said...


You're right. It's a low functioning culture. Shuck and jive mentality.

Anonymous said...

KCPD sucks

Anonymous said...

Arrest. Imprison. Forever. First gun crime.