Friday, July 28, 2017

Hard 50 For KCK Dude Who Killed His Boss

Here's a bit of a fact check for those Friday fantasies whilst watching the clock:

Man sentenced to life in prison for killing his boss 2 years ago

Willie Parker has been sentenced to life without parole for 50 years in connection with the murder of his boss exactly two years ago. The Wyandotte County District Attorney announced the sentencing on Twitter. Michel Ziade was murdered on July, 28 2015. Parker was subsequently charged with first-degree murder.


Anonymous said...

They don't play around in Kansas. If he was in Missouri, Jean Petersucker Baker, the worthless cunt prosecutor in Kackson County, would have given him probation.

Wyatt Earp, Dodge City said...

How can you be sentenced to life but maybe get parole after 50 years.

In my days if you killed someone and was sentenced to death you was hanged couple days later end of story none of this life sentence crap.

Anonymous said...

Why would they send you to jail for killing your ass hole boss? Is that a hate crime now too?