Saturday, July 22, 2017

Final Note For Kansas City American Jazz Museum Amid Bounced Check Debacle???

When Dead-Tree Media is talking about cutting the purse strings for this cultural institution . . . The final crescendo is getting closer on this money-losing tribute to Kansas City's signature sound that isn't financially viable. Take a look:

Editorial: Kansas City government can't keep bailing out American Jazz Museum

The news out of 18th & Vine isn't getting any better. In recent days, we learned that the American Jazz Museum still owes at least $150,000 to vendors for its stellar but ill-fated May jazz festival. Some close to the situation are concerned that the amount owed may be far greater.


I See a Loser said...

Fire them all and shut it down.

Anonymous said...

It will never happen. You can't just deprive the minority's right to steal and waste taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your ROBUST, VIBRANT, and post great recession local economy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story: If you do business with the zomboons you are going tho end up getting the business.

Anonymous said...

Immediately fire every fucking thief that is employed by the KC Jazz Museum. (All of 'em)
These grifters just can't keep their hands off tax revenue originally intended for the preservation of JAZZ in KC, ONLY.

"Look at this PILE of money!!! I need some for that down payment on my new Escalade!! Nobody'll miss this!!"

They're all driving new cars. Some of them still get food stamps. WTF?

Zero work to actually promote JAZZ has been done there in over THIRTY YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY is this allowed to continue?

Anonymous said...

White people are unsafe at 18th & Vine.
White business are discouraged from trying to make a go of it at 18th & Vine.
White musicians are unsafe unloading their musical gear just to play the one lousy gig that's there in the Blue Room, a stupid joint with stupid rules and Black leadership.
White women are basically begging to be attacked just by being there any hour of the day.

This is an exclusive BLACK CLUB, and WHITEY pays for ALL of it, but Whitey isn't welcome there.

Anonymous said...

Big IDEAS without any financial abilities. The lady in charge has ideas bigger than her budget and a lack of integrity --so the performers and vendors get screwed.

Anonymous said...

we know how it is when it comes to niggers paying their bills...